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New Pallets
American West Pallets manufacturer’s standard stinger pallets and block pallets. We excel in creating a customized pallet spec to best fit and meet your pallet needs.

Used Pallets
American West Pallets is a leader in pallet recycling. We offer many different grades of used 48x40 4-Way pallets.

Remanufactured Pallets
American West Pallets is a leader in remanufactured customized recycled pallets. We believe that lumber is a valuable natural resource that must be protected. We maximize the life of that resource by recycling used pallets to manufacture a custom size used pallet to meet your specific needs.

Combo Pallets
American West Pallets offers Combo Pallets by using both new and used recycled lumber. If you want the durability of a new pallet but don’t want to pay the price of a new pallet, let us customize a combo pallet to meet your pricing and quality needs.

Sort & Repair Pallet Management
American West Pallets is an expert in managing your company’s pallet inventory. We understand that your pallet inventory is a major cost to your company. Let American West Pallets manage your pallet program for you. We will maximize your asset by sorting and repairing every pallet and extending the life of every pallet. This management service also includes clear and detailed reporting so you can see how your pallet inventory is being used and managed.

Pallet Purchasing & Recycling
American West Pallets will buy your used 48x40 4-Way pallets for a competitive price. We will also take all odd size wood pallets and recycle them at no cost.

Heat Treated Pallets
American West Pallets is a member of Timber Products Inspection Program and has been issued a certified IPPC HT stamp that meets the requirements for international shipping.

Transportation and Logistics
American West Pallets also offers local trucking through American West Transportation.

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